[Auction] 6 DC Ink Sac

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  1. BLACK GOLD, Writing INK, Wool Dye, Stained Glass! Just think of all of the crafting recipes that REQUIRE INK! What are you waiting for? Get your Black Gold HERE!

    Auction: 6 DC of Ink Sac
    Starting bid: 10k (10,000r)
    Minimum bid increase: 500rs
    Auction ends: 48 hr after last valid bid
    Pick up: Smp9 /v 18353

    Payment is expected within 48 hours of winning bid announcement.
    Access will be set up within 24 hours of payment received.
  2. Banners! Don't forget about all the banners and different banner designs you could use this for!
  3. 10500r
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  4. 15 151r
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  5. 16161r
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  6. Not this again :p
    17 171r
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  7. Thought I'd find you here Tom

    ALWAYS "this" with him.
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  8. ;)

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  9. 18881r <3
  10. D:

  11. These are still really cheap! They are worth 50k-60k. Get in on a steal while you can!
  12. ooh I could use these