[Auction] 54 Diamond Enchanted Picks

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  1. Today I bring EMC a auction! I'll be auctioning 54 Enchanted DiamondPickaxes.

    Best Minecraft Servers
    x11: Diamond Pickaxe with Silk Touch I, Efficiency II
    x43: Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency III,Unbreaking III,Fortune I

    These Items are Completely new!
    Starting bid: 5k
    Minimum Bid: 250r
    End Time: 48 hours after the last bid.

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  2. I spent a total of 6,480r in just getting these diamonds!
    54 picks=162 diamonds * 40r each = 6,480r!!!
  3. What is the texture pack?
  4. 7,750 Rupees
  5. 10,250 Rupees
  6. Mine! 15,ooo
  7. Why do people have signatures about ICC! He isn't like that big of a deal.

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  8. Isabella or My Dearest Isabella
    It's x16 and EVERYTHING has been changed. I suggest you don't use any pumpkins or jack o' lanterns with this texture pack.. They're depressing.
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  9. Talukegord is winning with 20k... This is worth more!!!

    I just sold 3 Silk touches I eff II for 900r each..(Some I had extra)
  10. *Rumble* Someone got a good villager *Rumble*
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  11. Either way... Unbreaking III Efficiency III Fortune I is a level 30 enchant.. :p
  12. Highest bid is 20k... This is worth more!!!
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