[AUCTION] -5- DC Zombeh Heads

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Are you a witch?

Perhaps. 8 vote(s) 33.3%
No... *Cackle* 16 vote(s) 66.7%
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  1. Thanksgiving is near! And you seem to be wanting to gather as many heads as possible, for some.. unknown reason... I don't know, you're a witch that needs brewing supplies.

    5 Double chests of Zombie Heads

    Starting Bid: 3,000r
    Bid Increment/Increase: 250r Minimum
    Auction will end: 36 hours AFTER final accepted bid.
    Auction Pickup: SMP2 at Residence 3155

    No zombies were harmed during the make of this, they are only sleeping for a long time. :)
    The only harm was my sword that has broke, several times.

    Happy Bidding!
    ( And Happy Thanksgiving! )
  2. Kind sir would you like to split the auction with a kind fellow such as myself?
  3. nopebutton.gif
  4. Kind sir that was so kind. 22k plz thats all i got
  5. Sorry but want these heads 25k
  6. Lol i did just drive the price up 10k on you Kind Sir. Have fun with your heads
  7. Np, drop in the bucket
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  8. Bumpeh

    Current bid is 25k!
  9. Right on time bump. :)
  10. Bump again, Is anybody going to outbid this?
  11. Just to be clear, this is 5 doublechests of zombie heads?
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  12. Yes, 5 Doublechests of Zombie Heads [ 1 Zombie head in each slot ]
  13. Bump, with 30k as the current bid!
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