[Auction] 4 of dem promos

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  1. The first item that I will be auctioning is the precious ESCD, the second an Empire Firework 2014, the third a meteor bow and the fourth a cupid's bow.
    Starting bid: 1 r
    Minimum bid increase: 66 r
    Auction end time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: I will mail it.
  2. 67 r
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  3. 267r
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  4. 25k
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  5. 25152r
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  6. 40k
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  7. Bump. This bundle is worth around 60k or more I would say.
  8. You win kind sir, pay when you can and I will mail when I get to a computer.
  9. Paid, please mail or put an access chest for the account "TomvanWijnen2", otherwise I'm currently not able to collect the stuff. Thanks. :)
  10. Mailed to the user, TomvanWijnen2. Thank you for participating in this auction :).
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  11. Received everything, thanks a lot! :)
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