[Auction] 4 DC of dirt - starts at 1R!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by AmbroseWaketon, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Hey all!

    Not officially back to EMC, but I'm working on my res so when I DO officially come back it'll be ready.

    SO! Auction is exactly what it sounds like...
    4 DC of dirt.
    Starting bid is 1r.
    Max bid increment 1r.
    Auction ends Sat, Jan 30 at 12:00(Noon) EMC time.
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  2. 2r ah ah ah.
  3. For....dirt...? Sorry for the non-bid post, but your res is full of roughly 216,000 blocks of dirt and the waste is also full of dirt... 4 DC is 13824 blocks. Huh. Whatever floats your boats guys. Lol
  4. That's true...but it takes a lot of time to dig up all that dirt! Also, if you factor in the cost of how many shovels it takes to dig up 13,824 blocks of dirt...100r is actually a huge loss comparatively. But you're right, dirt isn't in high demand for obvious reasons, and I need to get rid of the contents of a few chests to make space for other things, so I'm willing to take a bit of a loss.
  5. That's ok
  6. Plus you can resell it for more
  7. Hey, it's all good. Peeps are willing to pay for it, so you're doing well. XD By the way, there's also the /dispose command if ya wanna get rid of it permanently. Good luck!
  8. Only a few hours left! Bid now!
  9. Bidding is now closed!
    Actually it closed at noon but I was gone at noon.
    SteamboatWillie won the bidding at 305r!

    Steamboat, you can come to my res on SMP7 when ready to pick up your dirt. Message me on the forums and we can set up a pickup time tomorrow.