[AUCTION] 3 of 12 DC's of Melon Slices (Set #1)

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  1. Hey EMCers! It's rburke5786, I'm the Dark Angel of smp5 (My Minecraft skin was modeled after Dark Pit of Kid Icarus: Uprising). Welcome to my 30th Auction!

    I have 12 DC's of Melons Slices that I need to get outta my hair :confused:, but I don't want to auction them all at once because I'm less likely to get bidders for that. I decided to auction these 12 DC's off in sets of 3 DC's. Now, because there is going to be 4 consecutive auctions the auction ending time will be closer than normal. This is the 1st of those 4 auctions. Plus, I'm not counting on big $$$ so if you take em' for free that's fine with me. ;)

    Item: 3 DC's of Melon Slices
    Minimum Start Bid: 0r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 5r
    Auction Close Time: Wednesday, October 5th @ 9:00 AM CDT (10:00 AM EMC Time)

    Auction Pickup Information: Use command "/v 10225 auction2" while connected to smp5. Per shop policy I require payment first before access signs are setup. When I receive payment the access signs will be setup within 24 hours of receiving payment.

    Good luck and happy bidding! :D
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  2. I need more melons 10r
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  3. 20r
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  4. Why do I always gave to bid against you? :p

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  5. Because it's fun? :D

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  6. Oh yeah :)

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  7. Bump!

    Quite a bidding war going on here, sweet sight to my red eyes. :)
    TomvanWijnen is in the lead with 45r! Anyone willing to dig in their wallets a little deeper and out bid that? We'll find out, just under 12 hours remain in the auction.
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  8. 50r!
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  9. 55r
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  10. 66r lel
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  11. 85r
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  12. 90r
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  13. 99r
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  14. 105r
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