[AUCTION] 3 horse spawn eggs

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  1. 1. : White None
    Speed: 199.48 %
    Jump: 74.95%
    Health: 20.34 %

    2. : Dark brown Whitefeild
    speed : 117.92%
    jump: 70.84%
    health: 21.09

    3. Chestnut Black dots
    speed: 117.21%
    health: 21.66%

    Auction end : 18/08/15 2pm Gb time
    Pickup: smp-2 /v forevertotoro

    Starts at 1k

    Good luck !!
  2. Invalid auction. Horse eggs must be auctioned off at a minimum of 54.
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  5. As previously mentioned, horse spawn eggs can only be auctioned in minimum quantities of 10.

    You may reference the auction rules by going to emc.gs/t/42009.

    Should you have any questions regarding specific items in the auction rules, feel free to contact a staff member on here via PM.

    Closing thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.