[auction] 3 diamond picks and full set of diamond armour, all with enchants!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by OrakoG, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. I am auctioning 3 diamond picks and a full set of diamond armour all with lvl 30 enchants (including silktouch and fourtune on the picks). I am going to be starting the bid at 2000r and minimun bids are 250r each!
    Once won i will set up an pick up chest on my 1st res on smp3
    Happy bidding :) 2013-10-15_15.24.03.png 2013-10-15_15.24.05.png 2013-10-15_15.24.07.png 2013-10-18_16.21.31.png 2013-10-18_16.21.33.png 2013-10-18_16.21.35.png 2013-10-18_16.21.36.png
  2. sorry forgot to mention, the auction finishes 24hrs after the last valid bid
  3. The auction is at 4k, bump
  4. So I won this right?
  5. yep u won, iv set up a collection chest on my first res on smp3
  6. Money sent
  7. where is the chest at? I went to /v OrakoG and I don't see a chest set up.
  8. hold onI I cant come on today, ill set it up tomorrow
  9. ok cool. Let me know when it is set up.
  10. Umm so have you been able to set up the chest yet?
  11. Items picked up. Thanks again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.