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  1. :)

    Details :
    20 Double chests of Ender Pearls
    ( 17,280 Ender Pearls )

    Starting Bid :
    30,000 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increment :
    1,000 Rupees

    Auction End :
    24 hours after last rule-following Bid

    Pick-Up :
    Utopia, residence 5244
  2. This gives you an easier way to get around in the Wild/Nether! :)

    For instance, if you're stuck in a lava pool in the wild/nether, just instantly throw one of these Ender Pearls to the nearest patch of land, and bam! YOUR SAFE! :D

    And, also, if you are in need of Ender Chests, just add some of these Ender Pearls with some Blaze Dust, and put 8 obsidian pieces on the rim of the Eye Of Ender!
  3. should have mentioned that using em outside of town takes 2 and a half hearts (if i remember right.) but can be reduced with feather falling and protection armor.
  4. I would've thought Ender Pearls are pretty much worthless now there's free access to the Spawner.
  5. That's probably where he got them from lol
  6. =/

    Just rain on the parade... This is under 2r a pearl!
  7. Just saying, ender pearls are really handy! I use them all the time in the wild :)
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  8. Sorry, thought you said useless :p
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  9. Closed.
  10. You're allowed to close the auction? I didn't know that. But neato.
  11. What spawner?
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  12. Enderman grinder in the end
  13. Yup, with 2 hours I had 20 double chests.. =P
  14. I have like 30 dc's lol
  15. What server is the spawner on?
  16. I use mine in smp3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.