[AUCTION] 2 Marlix Bows!

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  1. Hey people. :) Today I am auctioning 2 Marlix Bows.
    Starting Bid: 1r! :eek:
    Minimum Bid Increasment: 100r
    Auction End Time: 1 day after LAST Valid Bid.
    Preview chest at /v 1263@auctions
    Good Luck, And happy bidding! :)
  2. *NOTE
    2nd one is hidden under the Lore.
  3. :(
  4. I believe its time for a Bump. :)
  5. Currently at 50k, Really cheap afaik (As far as I know)!
  6. 50100 rupees
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  7. 70100 rupees
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  8. 100,100r
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  9. 100,200r
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  10. Sorta Late Bump! :D
    Currently at 100,200r by BaadGamer!
  11. Looks like the auction is over, I'll pay when you get online. I will be at 1263@auction