[Auction] 2 DCs of Zombie Virus

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  1. Item: 2 Double Chests of Zombie Virus
    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hours after last valid bid.
    Pickup Information: Pickup available at /v 10361@pickup once payment is received.
    Item Information:

    Zombie Virus

    Type: Potion
    Released: June 18th 2013
    Update: Survival Update
    Obtained by: Dropped by: Enraged Zombie's and Momentus

    Zombie Virus' are an EMC exclusive potion that are dropped from Enraged Zombie's and Momentus. When drunk, they give you the following effects:
    • Hunger IV - 3:00
    • Slowness IV - 3:10
    • Weakness III - 3:10
    • Nausea IV - 3:00
    • Resistance IV - 0:20
    • Blindness IV - 3:00
    While many of its effects are negative, it gives the drinker a blast of Resistance IV, which when combined with strong armor, can make the drinker near invincible- although will also make it hard for them to navigate the terrain, and will require a lot more effort to do a lot of damage.
    The Resistance effect does not work on the PvP Arenas.

    Thanks all and good luck! :)
  2. Slooshie win auction with bid of 2.1k.

    Access chests will be available after payment.
  3. It's gonna be The Walking Dead all over again...
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