[ AUCTION ] 2 Beacons!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ww2fan168, May 29, 2015.

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  1. ww2fan.png
    Item: 2 Beacons!!
    Starting: 10k :O
    Min Inc. : 500r
    End: 48 hours

    happy Bidding!

  2. 10k it is
  3. So first, let me BUMP this little thread.
  4. Give me a B! U! M! P! Whats that spell? BUMP
  5. BUMP, still pretty cheap! 13k per each beacon atm!!!!
  6. I believe this auction is over and JonnyLong is the winner with his bid of 26I. The auction end time stated 48 hours not 48 hours after last valid bid. Auction was started in Friday at 8:25pm so the auction Was over Sunday at 8:25pm.
  7. umm that would be only 24 hours ;) auction ends today at 8:59PM EMC time

    Anyway BUMP
  8. Auction started Friday at 8:25 pm. Saturday at 8:25 pm was 24 hours... Sunday at 8:25 pm was 48 hours. This auction has ended.
  9. Ok thanks, I guess.

    JohnnyLOng wins w/ 23k!
  10. End time was specific. Did you mean auction ends 48 hours after auction been posted of 48 hours after last valid bet.
  11. last valid bid, but since I made the mistake Ill take up for it :)
    JonnyLong wins
  12. Alright make sure next time you put it down. :D
  13. JonnyLong's winning bid was 26k not 23k.. I was going to bid on it but I seen it was past that hard deadline time.
  14. Its ok, Ive been sick today and the day of this post so my brain was out of tone you can say.

    26k JonnyLong, pay and Ill mail them to yah. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.