[AUCTION] 16 Dragon Stone

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  1. Item: 16 Dragon Stone
    Starting Bid: 20,000 r
    Minnimum Increasment Bid: 100 r
    Auction Ending Time: 72 hours after the last valid bid
    Pickup Location: /Utopia /v 5788

    May The Highes Bidder Win!
  2. Still very low... Bump!
  3. are these fragments or stones? If stones then 30k
  4. I just did the maths: In total this should be about 288k, however far from it just yet XD
    (hopefully it will get better for I will have a gigantic loss :oops:) you have a chance to get it cheap cheap!
  5. *Shakes the chat* Will you guyz pull it off?
  6. *is now nervous* Bump XD
  7. Plzz... I need da muney!
  8. 55.500 r
  9. What do they even do? Like what is the perpose?
  10. I believe they are not assigned to any purpose. However they do act as a collectable and are crafted from 9 Dragon Stone shards (which are gained by beating a Special Mob) Usually one of these Dragon Stones are sold for 18,000 r that is why they are sold more often than collected.
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