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  1. ITEM: Ender pearls
    QUANTITY: 16 Double Chests
    START PRICE: 500r
    BID INCREASE: 200r
    END TIME: 24hrs after the last VALID bid

    Enjoy, Mini
  2. 500r, I lost the 1 dc coal action so I can now bid here.
  3. overbid, 1500r
  4. 607 in the lead with 1500r!
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  5. Goodbye bump!
  6. you are not allowed to bump twice in 3 hours or so, you do twice in 5 minutes?
  7. Bump and 607, I was leaving for a few hours
  8. 2,500 Rupees
  9. wouldn't pay a rupee over 5k (my bid is 4.2k)
  10. 607 in the lead with 4400r!
  11. Nighty night bump xD
  12. 5000 rupees. Lemme win ._.
  13. Gimme a B gimme a U gimme a M gimme a P what do you get? BUMP!
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  14. Allright, I will.


    Why should I?

    Give me a reason and I will stop bidding:p
  15. Fine fine.
  16. you didn't give me a reason, but let me be nice.
    This is my very last bid.
    You can get them for 6,5 k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.