[AUCTION] 14 Double Chests of Eggs

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  1. Item: 14 double chests of Eggs (12,096 eggs total)
    Starting Bid: 50
    Minimum Bid Increment: 25
    Auction Ending Time: april 14 at 12:00 Empire Minecraft Time (EDT)

    The Eggs will be on my Res (/v MusicHearted) on SMP7 (/smp7) in 14 double chests. after payment the winner will gain access to the chests using an [ACCESS] sign.
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  2. eggs from deathpool, 1k
  3. You rained the fun
  4. I really want to put my saving money on here which is 900k.

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  5. I believe I won?
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  6. Yes, sorry, my PC crashed, and we were having a hard time to get it working. SOLD to BenMA for 6K.\
    when would you like to meat up for payment?
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  7. If you will pay me the 6K, I do believe it will go through, and I will give you access to the chests when I see that the transaction log has updated
  8. I will pay later today. :)