[Auction] 12 DC's of Fire Resist.

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  1. Item: 12 Double Chests of Fire Resistance potions
    Starting Bid: 7000
    Minimum Bid increasement: 900
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pick-up: 8884 on smp4
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  2. FR I or II? How long do they last?
  3. oh srry I forgot to post that it is FR II 8:00 minutes:oops::)
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  4. Bump it up all the way!!!!!:cool::)
  5. I call the starting bid of 7000r! boom!
  6. did i win???
  7. Now u win pick up is at 8884 on smp4 plz pay the 7000r first
  8. I will pay when i have the chance... pretty much when i get the chance to get on minecraft
  9. i have paid but i you didn't setup a access chest
  10. I will I wait for people to pay and then I put up access chests
  11. looks like they already paid? you should check your rupee history http://empireminecraft.com/rupees/transactions
  12. Found it
    New Balance

    1. Wednesday at 9:10 PM
      Payment from xxcapmanxx
      + 7,000

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.