[AUCTION] [12 DC] Mushroom Stew

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What should I Auction off next?

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DC of Wheat 12 vote(s) 32.4%
DC of misc. Enchanted Tools 15 vote(s) 40.5%
16 DC of Dirt? 20 even? 7 vote(s) 18.9%
Other, please comment/ PM. 3 vote(s) 8.1%
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  1. Hey Guys! I got 12 DC of mushroom stew to auction off and I am hoping to use the money from this auction towards my mall and other reses. Thanks :D
    Starting Bid: 1337 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increasement: 100 rupees
    MAXimum Bid Increasement: 10k

    Picture of One of the DC:
    Mushroom Stew Auction.png

    Auction Ends: 72 Hours after last bid, or if no bids are placed, on August 7th at Midnight.
    Pickup is at 1259.
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  2. 1337 ;$
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  3. Bumps :3
    Note: For pickup, I will not deliver.
  4. Bump. This is a steal.
    4500 rupees for 12 DC of 54 mushroom stew.
    That's 4500 rupees for 648 stew, a 6.94~/ 1 rupee to stew ratio (please correct me if I am wrong...) So, like 7 r for each stew.
  5. 4.6k.

    I only bid because I wanted to note that the tinyurl name is Mush stew. :D
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  6. :p I thought Mushroom Stew was too long >.>
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