[AUCTION] 112 mob heads and 18 horse armor!

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  1. Items:
    23 Zombie heads
    17 Creeper heads
    15 Skeleton heads
    19 Cow heads
    16 Zombie Pigman heads
    8 Pig heads
    5 Mooshroom heads
    4 Spider heads
    2 Cave spider heads
    1 Chicken head
    1 Magma Cube head
    1 Villager head

    112 heads in total!

    4 iron horse armor
    11 gold horse armor
    3 diamond horse armor


    Starting bid: 15,000r
    Minimum bid increase: 500r
    End time: 48 hours after the last valid bid.
    Pick up info: Res 7075 in the auction winners room on smp3 (can also be reached by using /v 7075@auction)
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  2. 16,500r Anyone wanna split? Pm if interested.
  3. 17 k

    I Wanna split

    I don't Like the MOB heads I' ll. Pm you
  4. I only want the horse armour, so whoever wins shoot me a pm if interested
  5. Sorry 22k my bad :D
  6. I believe you can only auction heads in DC form... 108 heads would be an allowed amount.
  7. According to the auction rules there has to be a minimum of 54 heads. Meaning there can be more than 54.
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Thread Status:
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