[AUCTION] 11 Sets of Starter Gear

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  1. ~~ 11 Sets of Starter Gear ~~
    ~ With extra pieces from starter kits ~

    Starting Bid: 4,168 rupees
    Increment: 1,000 rupees
    Auction will conclude 24 hours after the final bid has been placed.
    Pickup will be on res 17160, SMP8

    ~~ Item List ~~
    11x Starter Helmet
    11x Starter Chestplate
    11x Starter Leggings
    11x Starter Boots
    11x Starter Shovel
    11x Starter Axe
    11x Starter Pickaxe
    11x Starter Sword
    704 Souldbound Torches
    192 Soulbound Bread
    15 SoulBound Cow Spawn Eggs
    15 SoulBound Sheep Spawn Eggs
    11 Starter Horse Spawn Eggs
    *torches edited from 768 torches to 704

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  2. As noted in the OP the amount of torches has been edited to reflect the correct amount of torches.
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  3. Should I assume that these are the Unbreaking III Soulbound/Final sets or are some of the pieces old Unbreaking I pieces? I know some of the tools have to be the new ones, but please let us know if all of them are the new starter ones or if there's some old ones too.

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  4. Shouldn't the torches, cow/sheep eggs & empire assistants be in DC amounts ? Just curious as tutorial items are not listed under the 'Certain EMC Custom Items' section.
  5. I had never realized there was a difference! I Believe they are all Unb3. I gathered them all at the same time, so there shouldn't be much difference between the items.

    I had seen a few auctions hold with these items in non-DC quantities, leading me to believe that it was a viable option.
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  6. I would think being soulbound would make them emc custom...?
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  7. That's what I wasn't sure about. In the wiki it says:

    Starter gear seems to have it's own section on the wiki. Maybe Krysyy or who ever decides these things can add this in or clarify it.
  8. If this auction is actually valid, you will have won.
  9. Well... I am ready to send transfer any time... how do we proceed?
  10. Pickup on res 17160.
  11. sending transfer now