[AUCTION] 11 mighty fine horses over 107 speed need a home!

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Cobble 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Ender pearls 1 vote(s) 10.0%
Tools 4 vote(s) 40.0%
other...write in the comments below! 2 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. Hey guys I'm auctioning off 12 horses with speed over 107 in need of a home and a nice and lucky owner to care for them! Im starting the auction off at 3500r! the minimum bid increment is 100r. This auction will end 24 hours last valid bid! If your the winner, please pick them up at res #7037. :)
    Horse info:

    Brown none
    Speed: 107.39%
    Jump: 77.14%
    HP: 23.67

    White Whitefeild
    Speed: 107.46%
    Jump: 64.61%
    HP: 20.30

    White white
    Speed: 107.55%
    Jump: 60.83%
    HP: 22.98

    White Whitefeild
    Speed: 107.70%
    Jump: 70.75%
    HP: 22.00

    Dark brown Black dots
    Speed: 110.11%
    Jump: 75.88%
    HP: 20.67

    Dark brown black dots
    Jump: 75.50%
    HP: 22.00

    Dark brown Black dots
    Speed: 111.78%
    Jump: 77.64%
    HP: 22.33

    White white
    Speed: 112.42%
    Jump: 74.42%
    HP: 23.00

    White none
    Speed: 112.56%
    Jump: 75.32%
    HP: 22.00

    Dark brown none
    Speed: 112.56%
    Jump: 77.87%
    HP: 23.00

    White black dots
    Speed: 112.75%
    Jump: 70.73%
    HP: 22.00
  2. I corrected my mistake! 11 horses not 12, sorry! :eek:
  3. Since i am not getting any action i have decided to lover the price to 1500r. :)
  4. i'll go at 1500 r i just posted
  5. Man...i love horses i have 5 already love to take them to my res
  6. i nearly forgot to go up to 2500r
  7. 3000r
    I sell horses and its nice to get a bunch of good speeds, a variety of colors too! XD
  8. I give up not enough rupees i want an ICC skin anyway
  9. i Quit!!!!!!!........ the auction
  10. I need enchanted books. (poll told me to ask)
  11. So did I win the auction?
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