[Auction] 10x >90% Jump Horses

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  1. 10 horses to auction. Not just regular horses, but horses that have the jump statistic of 90% and higher. Next to the high jump stats, they also have good HP and decent running speed.
    This are the type of horses you want to take out on adventure in the waste and frontier.
    They climb mountains like goats and pass forests on tree tops. No need to stress to get a full bar before making a jump. Just a little touch and you will be surprised how high it jumps. They can jump over 5 blocks buildings and wall very easy.

    Own a stable full elite jumpers or make some profit by reselling them on your server.
    I personally sell them for 600 a piece, but.. I am a cheap horse shop.

    Product: 10 jump horses for full stats, see pic below
    Starting at: 2500
    Min bid increment: 200
    Auction end officially 24 hours after last valid bid

    Pick up at smp4 8082

  2. 2500 r
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  3. Bump, few hours to.
  4. 3100?????
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  5. a little 1,5 hours to go
  6. Yay, we have a winner :D


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