[AUCTION] 10 - Efficiency V and Unbreaking III - Diamond Pickaxes

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  1. DESCRIPTION: 10 diamond pickaxes with the enchantments of Efficiency V and Unbreaking III
    STARTING BID: 6,000R
    ENDING TIME: 24 hours after the last official bid.
    The second auction of these amazing pickaxes - this is a great set of picks nickjwolfe southpark347 RandomZh ninjaboy5656 eklektoi wassatthen R0bbieJo bid on the last one, do you want to take advantage of the second chance!? :D
  2. Ill do you a favor and start with 6 000r :)
  3. Thank you!
  4. 8k
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  5. *8,500r ;)
  6. what do you mean? with *
  7. Correction haha
  8. i know but for what do you use the corraction?
  9. Oh, you used a . making it 8.5r haha, it's fine though
  10. Actually... some other countries (languages mainly) use a '.' instead of ',' as a separator.
  11. Really? :confused:
    Keep it rolling in :D I know you want to win this time
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  12. We're currently at 10k - this is worth a lot more than that! Bring in those bids!
  13. Come on guys, this is at 1000r/pick, this is worth loads more than DOUBLE this price! Grab a bargain now
  14. 11k Why not?
  15. I believe that is an invalid bid at 11k since I had already made a bid of 11k. I won right Alex?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.