[AUCTION] 1 Valentines Gift Rose !

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by BuddaJulez, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. There is one Valentines Gift rose to be Auctioned.
    Starting Price: 8,000r
    Increase Bids By: 500r
    Auction win after 48 hours of the last post.
    May the Highest bid Claim the rose

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  2. I think the starting bid is really high
  3. Well
    Start Price: 5000
    Increase bids by: 250r
  4. 8K No it is not too high because, the rules state that the starting price must be a good price because if only one person bids, you still get it for the amount you at least wanted it for.
  5. I already bid 8k... Maybe I wasn't clear on that regards...
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  6. lol, 8,500r :D
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  7. 10k
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  8. BUMP! still Southpark in the lead with 15k !!!
  9. BUMP!! 21k is the highest bid!!
  10. BUMP! iForsaken still in the lead with 21k !!!
  11. Can anyone beat the bid???
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