[Auction] 1 Mineral Mincer

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What should I auction next

sc of Golden Apples 11 vote(s) 73.3%
Cupids Bows 1 vote(s) 6.7%
Momentus Sword 3 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. You bid was After 24 hours
  2. If I am wrong ill mail back your money
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  3. Can I cancel this auction and ill give back bitcoins money?
  4. Wrong.

    BitcoinDigger - 18th March 7:23PM
    robbi_j - 19th March 11:38AM
    So Robbi's bit was well within the 24 hour limit. Meaning the auction went on and KJ's bid was valid also.

    The auction cannot be canceled, it's against the rules. Obviously you can give people their money back, in fact you should, and a good place to check for this is your Rupee history (follow link).

    As far as I can tell 24 hours have passed since KJ's bid making him the winner of the auction.

    Therefor you (Theomglover) should indeed pay the others back their money, if items have been exchanged than that needs to be undone also. Next KJ owes you 40k for the Mineral Mincer.
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  5. No Shell told a great explanation as always. According to all the bid times....
    You have won the auction!

    I would get that little settlement done first before you hand that Mincer Theomglover
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  6. Can I have the rupees back please ?
  7. Im at school ill mail in 24 hours
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  8. I haven't received mail yet?
  9. I also have not gotten my rupees back. I'll give it one more day, then I'm getting the mods involved.
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  10. um sorry my internet has been out im at school and I have alot of productions im sorry 1 more day
  11. You've been online already today and I still haven't got my mineral mincer.
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  12. I was trying to do it at school until I got in trouble
  13. I just mailed and pay =)
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  14. all good here, thanks.
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  15. Received mail now, thanks.
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