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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ChrisTheHylian, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. Auctioning again! I am once again doing an iron voucher! Since the last one sold for 90,000rupees (wow!), I will be increasing the min. bid to 15k instead of 10k.
    START: Now! :D
    END: February 28th, 2016 (Sat) @ 12pm EMC/EDT
    Go ahead and start bidding! :)
    The winner will be notified on this thread, and I will mail you the prize!
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  2. I don't know if your allowed to set an exact ending date? It's usually 24 or 48 hours agter last valis bid but don't quote me on thag as I could be wrong. Another thing, you must add a minimum increment :)
  3. yeah this is an invalid auction
  4. it is allowed to have exact date!!!

    what is the starting price?
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  5. Your allowed to have a fixed time, I have done it with all my auctions! :) And the starting bid is 15k :D
  6. Posting another advert :p
  7. 80,000
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  8. That escalated quickly :eek: Im out
  9. Aaand, it's Saturday! So the auction is over! I posted the end date as the 28th, but I put Sat. in parenthesis. So...that's that! Thanks all for participating, ShrinkingMatt, you have one the auction for 80,000! I will head to town to mail you your winnings!
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Thread Status:
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