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  1. Something promo collectors need! A nice set of starter stuffs! Let's get on with the auction :D

    Items: Starter Helmet, Starter Chestplate, Starter Leggings, Starter Boots, Starter Sword, Starter Pickaxe, Starter Axe, Starter Shovel

    Edit: Unspawned Starter Horse
    Starting Bid: 2,500 rupees
    Bid Increment 1 rupee
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after LAST VALID BID

    Good Luck everyone! Have fun bidding!
  2. Woops, made a mistake,

    Starting Bid: 2,500 rupees

    If staff can see this can you edit that in for me please? Thanks :)
  3. If you want an edit, report the original post asking for that to be changed :)

    As for these Starter Items, please can you confirm whether they are the old set (Unb I) or new set (Unb III and Soulbound)?
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  4. ill bid 2500
  5. I did that
    This is the new set so it is unbreaking 3. I didn't know there was an old set of this stuff.
  6. Preview chest is up on smp8 at /v 16826
  7. is this the old set or new set? the old set did not have soulbound
  8. :rolleyes: Look up at the FDNY thing
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  9. Is it used or not??? Also... I can't contact you.
  10. Auction able items must be full durability or it is an invalid auction:rolleyes:
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  11. Ugh okay I will explain everything

    This is an unused pair of new starter items, these are not the old versions, they are the new ones. A preview chest is up at my first res (16826) on smp8. Got it all? Anymore questions? If you do have more and more questions I will write a descriptive paragraph explaining your question, then answer it.
  12. Empire Assistant removed as it is not eligible for auction in single quantities, happy bidding :)
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  13. Oh..okay, got it, thanks chinny :D
  14. 5k - I want it :3
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