[Auction]1 Double Chest of Slime Blocks

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  1. 1 Double Chest of Slime Blocks

    Starting Bid: 5,000r (5k)
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1,000r (1k)
    Auction Duration: 48 Hours after last valid bid.
    Pickup Location & Preview Chest: Utopia /v 5775@pickup

    Good Luck :)
  2. 34560
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  3. 35791r
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  4. Looks like you won. (Unless my maths is wrong :D
  5. Definitely did! :D (it's already been like 16.5 hours since I won :p) I'll pay you when I'm done with dinner. :)
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  6. Sounds good. Chest is setup :)
  7. Payment sent, and items picked up, thanks! :D
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