[AUCTION] 1 Double Chest of Slime Balls!

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by TomvanWijnen, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. I'm going to be stuck into going to school again since today... That won't prevent me from offering you all some more sticky balls, though! :)

    Item: 1 double chest of Slime Balls (3456 in total)
    Auction starting bid: 1 rupee
    Minimum bid increment: 100 rupees
    Auction ending time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Auction pickup: smp1, 966@promos (can deliver if requested)

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    Happy bidding! :)
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  2. 101r
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  3. Last bump, unless someone else decides to bid! :)
  4. ill pay next time im on :)
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  5. Cool, you have indeed won. Please no rush in sending payment. :) I'll set up access the next time I'm online too. :)
  6. Pickup has been set up at 966@promos on smp1! If smp1 is a problem for you, I can also deliver the slimies to you. :) I compacted the slime balls into 6 stacks of slime blocks for you, for easier travel. Have fun with them! :)
  7. paid and picked up, thanks !
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