[AUCTION] 1 Double Chest of Pistons!

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  1. I'm pushing this auction onto the forums from my phone... because the pistons have pushed me into doing so... This, and many other capabilities do these nice pistons have, so push grab your chance quickly! :)

    Item: 1 double chest of Pistons (3456 in total)
    Starting bid: 1 rupee
    Minimum bid increment: 100 rupees
    Auction ending time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Pickup: smp1, 966@promos (can deliver if requested)

    Note: for an additional charge, you can request everything (or a part) to be made into sticky pistons! :) (after winning)

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    Happy bidding! :)
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  2. 40k
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  3. 52k
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  4. *awakens from beneath the ground* PIIIIIIIIISTONS

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  5. Question? what makes pistons this valuable? all the items to make it add up to 10r. Im confused. am i missing something?
  6. Ssshhhht, you weren't supposed to say that, lol. But one of the reasons it crafting, it takes a dang while to craft all these pistons, and it's also just the ease of just paying me some (more :D) rupees to get a double chest full of pistons, without having to do any effort (apart from paying me :cool:), it might also be annoying to get all the items together (7 DCs of cobblestone...), and many more reasons...
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  7. im a lazy shop owner :p (making pistons gives me back pains)
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  8. Bump! :)
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