[Auction] 1 DC XP Bottles

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by azoundria, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    Need more XP to upgrade or repair your armour or tools?

    Need XP to rename items into Christmas presents?

    Want to hold onto an item that can't be easily traded from villagers anymore?

    Or do you just want to be that guy/girl which everyone comes to whenever they need XP?

    Well, wait no longer! You're in luck.

    Item: 1 DC (3,456) Exp Bottles
    Minimum Bid: FREE
    Minimum Increment: 1r
    Auction Ends: 2 days 2 hours after last valid bid.
  2. Current Winner: Tahitan
    Minimum Bid: 80,001r
    Auction Ends (If No More Bids): Monday 6:26 PM EMC Time.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Access chest set up at /v 911. Please pay upon pickup.
  4. paid and received, totally forgot about this myself. woot xp