[AUCTION] 1 DC of Chicken Spawn Eggs

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  1. Hey EMCers! It's rburke5786 Owner of the Wooden Fortress on smp5. Welcome to my 24th Auction! You'll probably start seeing more auctions from me because I added more space to my storage area and I've picked up the pace on production on some items.

    This time the auction is for a DC of Chicken Spawn Eggs.

    Item: 1 DC of Chicken Spawn Eggs
    Minimum Start Bid: 5,000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 250r
    Auction End Time: Thursday August 25th @ 5:00 PM CDT (6:00 PM EMC Time)

    Use command "
    /v 10225 auction1
    " while connected to smp5. Per shop policy: I require payment first (Security Reasons
    ), once I've verified that I've received payment I'll set up the access sign.
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  2. :O I need this, 10k
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  3. Bump!
    TomvanWijnen is in the lead with 10,00r! Anyone willing to best that?
  4. Bump!

    About 8 hours remain in the auction.
  5. 10,250
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  6. 10,500r
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  7. 12k
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  8. 12250r
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  9. 12.5k
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  10. 12.75k
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  11. Unfortunately that bid was 15 minutes late and all bids after that didn't count. The auction closed at 5:00 PM my time, thus I must say...

    The Winner is RooRoo92 with the 12,000r!
  12. cheers! ill collect when im on!
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