[Auction] 1 DC of brick blocks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ShelLuser, Nov 25, 2015.

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  1. Item: 1 double chest of brick blocks (the red/white pattern ones).
    Starting bid: 1000r ("1k").
    Minimal increment: 500r.
    Auction end time: 24hours after last valid bid.

    Items can be previewed at my shop (/v 3544, top floor) and I'll replace the preview sign with an access sign once we got a winner.

    Full picture this time, I was too lazy to edit it ;)

    The kind of brick blocks which you get from cooking clay balls and then merging them together :)

    Here's hoping for some good bids :)
  2. y u no take bricks from auction? :D

    ehm, sorry, someone suggested a "certain" youtube channel to me and, well, lol :p

    I meant to say: bump!

    good bricks, solid bricks, ideal to throw at people in PvP :p
  3. 9.5k
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  4. 20,000r
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  5. :eek:

    Well, things sure have heated up, maybe I can use that virtual heat to cook up even more bricks! :D

    Err, I meant: bump!
  6. 30k :)
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  7. Hmm, are you guys perhaps trying to tell me something here? Something like: "don't hate, bumping really pays off?" (I usually don't like bumping just for bumping, thats why you now have to read through all this nonsense :)).
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  8. So once upon this time there was this guy who bid on an auction and he won! :eek:

    anyway, this is most likely the last bump, thanks for all the fish guys. That's going to be auctioned off next :p
  9. And we have a winner, Weeh won the auction with his bid of 30k! I'll set everything up when I come online.
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  10. Great - I'll send payment when I'm on later.
    Thanks :)
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