AUCTION-- 1 DC Hardened Clay

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  1. Thread Title: [AUCTION] 1 DC Hardened Clay Block stacks
    Item: ______Hardened clay Block___
    Starting Bid: ____1000 rupees_____
    Minimum Bid Increment: ___100 rupees_____
    Auction Ending Time: ______48 hours after last valid bid___

    Fresh on the Auction block is this DC of Hardened Clay Blocks. It is ready to dye any color you like or keep it as a rustic, natural look. This clay will help add that certain something that your build is missing.
  2. All this clay baking in the sun, 8k rupees is current bid
  3. 9ke
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  4. 9k is the current bid for a dc of hardened clay block. Thats solid clay blocks, a steal at this price.
  5. 9,500r
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  6. Clay Blocks going cheap 9500 rupees is the last bid.
  7. bumping at 9.5k
  8. Dont forget, check out this score of Hard clay blocks going at 9.5 k right now. Git your bid in.
  9. The time is near the clay is Hardened. 9.5k is the top bid. Be there or be Cubed
  10. sorry datsheepd0e the auction is already over
  11. gage already won
  12. Congrats on the win gage9942 and good effort on that late bid datsheepd0e, almost made it. Gage, your chest is all set up, please pay upon pick up. Product is at smp1 res 755 upstairs, signs will lead you there.
  13. Paid and Picked Up! :p
  14. dang so close lol
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Not open for further replies.