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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by megmewX, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. starting bid 10k

    minimum bid increacement: 1,000

    ending: 48 hours after last bid
  2. 1 more day left will shadow win the avalauncher find out in one day!
  3. Congrats shadow! you won the auction

    the pickup address is: 14363

    (on smp7)

  4. How has Shadow won. This auction has had 2 bids today. So the auction ends 48hrs from last valid bid.
  5. no beacause it was 48 hours ago and that was the last bid
  6. From the time the first bid was made to now has only been about 26hrs........No where near the 48hr mark, and since new bids happened today. The 48hr clock starts all over again.
  7. Per the terms of the auction at the beginning of the post, the auction concludes 48 hours after the most recent bid should no bids be placed during that time period. The following bid was placed this morning (June 13) at 10:27 AM EMC time.

    The auction will run for approximately 48 hours from the point of this bid. Should no further bids be made, the auction will conclude at 10:27 AM EMC time on Wednesday, June 15. If a bid is made before then, the 48 hour clock will reset. This cycle will continue until there is a 48 hour period where no bids have been made. At that point, the person who bid last will be the winner.
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  8. well im so stupid :mad:
  9. and hey its my first auction so im a nub at this ;)
  10. 17k
    please wait three hours after any post to make your own post here please, megmewx
  11. well, well luckygreenbird might win :D
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