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    If you have saw a bear anywhere be careful, they are appearing more often.
    This was written by kevdudeman if any controversy occurs, no harm is meant.

  2. Oh no!! Better hide your cats and dogs!
  3. Gots to get out the old bow...
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  4. Authorities say he looks somewhat like this: Best Minecraft Servers
  5. Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! And hide yo husband, cause they mauling errybody out here!
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  6. I suppose you could say...
    Someone can kill it with their bear hands.
    *puts sunglasses on*
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  7. I'm not online right now is there a special bear invasion???
  8. This just in! The bear's name is Mario and he has taken another victim.
    (From the same res)
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  9. …Beary funny.
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    I'm sorry. :oops:
  10. Did you not hear the news? There is a special bear plague going around.
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  12. You can run and tell that, run and tell that, homebear homebear homebear!
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