[ATTENTION] To everyone who can't login:

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Tehwafflez, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Hey everyone looks like the servers are acting up again, making this post because I don't want the forums filled with spam posts, as no one does actually

    The data center that holds our data and servers must be acting up ICC, Copherfield, SecretAznEks, and a few other people have made posts a few days ago concerning this bug keeps happening. I am sure the moderation team is on it already..

    Justin is moving across the country and has some family things I am pretty sure.. So guys just hunker down and keep trying and report on anything new you find. It will help us probably find a solution to this reoccurring problem :)

    Leo's Post a few days ago:

    One of ICC's Posts:
  2. when will it be finished its really annoying
  3. Yes it is, but look on the bright side, wait, there is no bright side D:.. :p
  4. There is a bright side: everyone has plenty of time to edit the wiki now :)
  5. Ah yes, have you added 2012 DDoS strike yet? I almost want to do that one :p.. Lots of rumors behind it :eek:
  6. Feel free to do it :) I might even feature it xD
    Click this to make it ---> http://emcwiki.com/2012_DDoS_Strike :)
    Awesome people make awesome pages :D
  7. the "down" means it says the new player thing right?pls reply
  8. Yes kevin, the servers aren't technically down, but not letting anyone in. So therefore I said "down"
  9. After what has gone through this weekend ICC's email is almost full. Just FYI ICC is making a post right at this very moment so just be patient children. (Did I really just say that? :eek:)
Thread Status:
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