[ATD/GIVEAWAY] My first year

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  1. ATD
    No, I haven't lost my mind (for the most part, anyway). This is just another name
    for AMA, but much better. This is an Ask The Dufne :p

    I'll be giving 50k monies to a question chosen by random.org
    Along with (hopefully) everyone getting some sort of item/promo/prize/monies/thingy/book/list/morelist/I'll stop here. :D

    If you want to help me with getting a prize out to everyone, you can hop onto smp8 and head to /v 17028@donut. Any rupee donations can be paid to my account :)

    I will draw questions on Aug. 15 at 5pm. If I am unable to get on to my laptop, any questions after said date will not be counted.
  2. Which is better, fingers or a wet napkin?
  3. Thanks for the giveaway! What made you want to join EMC and what made you decide to stay?
  4. Dufne I must ask: Favorite type of Muffin?
  5. Love the ama twist ^^ and thanks for this!

    What animal/ creature would you have permanently added to minecraft? For example I wish they had peacocks or foxes :p you could tame
  6. Do you even lift bro?
  7. Whats your most favorite unique EMC item? And congrats on one year, I hope that there are more to come!
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  8. Not just favorite, but MOST favorite.
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  9. Whats your favorite block?
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  10. Why have a giveaway instead of an in-game event?
  11. Are you or are you not the walrus, goo goo g'joob?
  12. What is your favorite food
  13. Just want to say congrats on one year. Dont enter me :p
    EDIT: What would you do if i threw a balloon at you?
  14. And why is it burritos?
  15. first, congratz on one year :D
    question (fake): do you want to enter me?
    real question: if the grass whould be blue and the sun green, how fast could refrigerator ski?
    second real question: how much cookies are you adable to eat with three trees in your hair?
  16. With a picture of a duckicorn, obviously you're taking a stand against the llamacorns. What do you plan to do when their inevitable attack occurs?
  17. Do you have a favourite car? If so, what is it? Congrats! :D
  18. Whats Ur Favorite Animal ;o
    Congrats On 1 Year!!!
  19. Congrats on your first year!

    Which song is better,


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  20. I have my vote for Alpaca song :)