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  1. me and bazzanztor are almost complete with a new guild in smp4, which is based off the game assassins creed. it is NOT a pvp. joining the guild will get you an out of town home, food, maybee training, and we might create jobs/quests for people to complete (you can also enjoy a good old leap of faith from our 30 block high tower). assassins creed style attire is prefered if possible. there are only 12 places (the number of places is due to the amount of beds, which will be used as spawn points (and of course sleeping!) so if killed in the wild you will spawn back in the castle), so if you want to join, leave a coment, or place a sign outside of our castle. the guild is on smp4 and is to the far east. just follow the large bridge/road till you get to the far edge of the snowy region, and just before the jungle. there should be a sign on the road close to the guild, that should point you in the right direction. hope you enjoy it if you join ;D
  2. I'll join something on my home server :D
  3. Take down the location or someone might grief.
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  4. got any co-ords i prefer them?
  5. Don't live up to your namesake or you'll find yourself in deep water.
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  6. namesake? wat u talk bout?
  7. and also, the things so massive, that if they try to grief it, theyll either get bored and die, or ill catch them before they actually do any real damage. and the entire thing made out of stone, so lava wont work on it either. but tanks for warning me.
  8. im also working on building a 4 block wide wall around it, which will be compleatly holow and dark inside. so if someone trys to brake through the wall, theyre just going to run into a load of monsters :D
  9. practically grief proof!
  10. rubbish its all cobble griefers would go round take a few blocks then leave nothing worth anything there
  11. 1its the guild.jpg
    its called tale of kingdoms the guards look like the assassins creed guy
  12. I thought you said it was made of stone :/
  13. it is, that pick is not mine
  14. and i also dont mind them talking a couple of blocks. it adds to the authentisity of the castle. and any bigger holes i can easily replace
  15. after all, cobble is really cheap :D
  16. You've really upset the edit button. Like, it's crying... :(
  17. edit button?? wat u talkin bout??

    ohhh, i get it. look, now its happy :D
  18. So, who wants to join???????? ;)
  19. Please stop double and triple posting.
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  20. This is very annoying( doubling like matthew12 said