Ask me questions (Since everyone is doing it)

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  1. Idea taken from bobthetomato.

    I have been on the Empire for 34 days now, & I am pretty sure most of you know me or well.. know of me! I'm sure you have seen me around is what I'm saying. :p
    As I recall, barley anyone posted on my introduce yourself thread, and I don't think to many of you really know too much about me. So please, ask away! :)
  2. What type of wolf is your profile picture?
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  3. umm, do you know where the end portal is
  4. I'm pretty sure its your run-of-the-mill Grey Wolf, but it sure is pretty isn't it!:D
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  5. I myself like this wolf the best.

  6. I like this one.
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  8. No questions? C'mon! :p
  9. can u sell me diamonds and gold? :p
  10. <------- do u like my dog?
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  11. Yes & Yes.
  12. what does manglex mean? where are u from? where were u born? what was the temperature on the day u joined? how old are u ? where do u live? are we friends? what server do u hang out on? how did u find out about EMC? do u like emc? what was ur first server? who was ur first friend? who is ur best friend? do u have a grinder? what type? how many spawners? what server do u occupy most? are u funny? have u checked my auction? how many diamonds are in the auction I'm winning? have u left ur country? where r u living right now? where r u right now? do u have a brother? do u have a sister? what time is it there? do u wanna be friends? when did u get gold? do u pay for gold urself? or does ur mum and dad? should we hang out? do u have a phone? what the? do u have an iPod? do u have an iPad? how many likes do u ave on the forums? how many posts do u have on the forums? are u nice? how much mine you have? do u live in australia? where have u travelled? does it snow where u live? is it hot where u live?
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  13. 4269, smp2 :)
  14. How old are you? Where do you live?
  15. i already asked that in my post ^^
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  16. Yours was too long.
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  17. he was complaining he didn't get any so i gave u him heaps
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  18. What is life?
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