Ask me any thing I will answere

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  1. I am having a thread that anyone can ask me. Anything they want to know about me.
    So ask on.
  2. Do u like soccer?
  3. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  4. Yea facu I like soccer
  5. It couldn't chuck wood dajakoe
  6. What is ur favorite team?
  7. I don't like watching soccer I play soccer
  8. It is more fun
  9. Are you ever gonna quote someone to answer their question? Why did you spell "answer" wrong?
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  10. Oh I like watching a lot, and going to stadium!
  11. Would you rather fight 50 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?
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  12. I am sick and can't think right bobthetomato
  13. I would rather fight a horse sized duck

  14. Info - This is a copy and pasta from questions I asked dylan_frenette. Try to answer them all please.
    Let's begin shall we? <-- That was the first question
    Do you like cheeseburgers?
    What about cheezburgerz?
    Do you prefer 365 days instead of year?
    What is that at the bottom of your signature?
    Did nfell2009 die?
    Do you like pie?
    Are you really going to answer all these questions?
    What do you breathe?
    What is the square root of a carrot?
    When do you breathe?
    Do you play Xbox?
    Anything besides Minecraft?
    Do you have Netflix?
    Do you like movies?
    Do you watch The Walking Dead on AMC 9/8c?
    Do you like popcorn?
    Do you have friends?
    Am I your friend?
    If you said yes, internet hug?
    Just kidding, wait are you still answering these?
    Wow, impressive, what about this one?
    This one?
    Do you enjoy eating bacon?
    Do you speak more than one language?
    Are you British?
    Are you sure?
    Make sure okay?
    What type of pencils do you eat on Mondays?
    Do you finish your homework as soon as you get home?
    Or do you procrastinate?
    You still here champ?
    Let's keep going shall we?
    Are you a secret agent?
    Why are you wasting your time?
    Favorite song?
    Favorite book/series?
    Favorite band?
    Favorite movie?
    Favorite T.V show?
    Favorite game?
    What was your first video game?
    Do you give up?
    Ok, last question, I guess??
    Do you eat ice cream (cows)?
    Just kidding lol, cream or cookie of the Oreo?
    Pancakes or flapjacks?
    Waffles or french toast?
    Straight or a circle? (I don't judge)
    Do you post on Youtube?
    Do you have a Twitter?
    What about a Facebook?
    Is this a world record for AMA's?
    I don't think you should answer anyone else's, just mine ok?
    Do you love EMC?
    Who is your best friend on the Internet?
    Your favorite moment on the Internet?
    Funniest video you have ever seen (link me)?
    Do you have lots of games?
    How many consoles do you have?
    Are you almost done? Nope!
    Do you have good grades?
    Favorite color?
    Do you like slacks or jeans?
    Fanta or Sunkist? Or Crush?
    Who was your first crush?
    Do you still go to school?
    Fresca or 7up?
    Sierra Mist or Sprite?
    Coke or Pepsi?
    Did you watch the Super Bowl?
    Are you bored?
    What is the best thing about EMC?
    Are you a boy or a girl?
    Did you ever have a terrible teacher? (School)
    Ok this is the last question, are you awesome?

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  15. where are my car keys?

    also how did i get inside this tiny computerbox? OH GOD SOMEONE HELP ME!
  16. Don't worry, we're all inside a tiny computerbox.
  17. Intel or AMD? Nvidia or AMD?
  18. Wtf
  19. Snip your posts bud.
    And also, you didn't answer even one of my questions.
  20. I am a vegetarian
    I play Xbox
    I am a American
    I prefer a year instead of 365days
    I have a steam account
    王 <--- mean I like pie in Chinese
    and I have a YouTube account
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