As we prepare for the Bewitching Hour

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  1. The wasteland is being reset soon, and with it, thousands of diamonds will be up for grabs.

    Supplies to Bring
    • Fortune 3 Pick
    • Enderchest
    • Fire Resist Potion (Just in case you are too deep to use your water bucket. If you have ever had to use this on a mining trip, I feel your pain)
    • Bucket of Water
    • Several Efficiency/Unbreaking Iron Picks
    • Silk Touch Pick
    • Iron Shovel (Gravel is too annoying)
    • Torches
    This set-up allows you to maximize your loot and efficiency while keeping yourself (and your items) safe.

    • Enderchest allows you to store your ores and items safely
    • Fire Resist Potion will keep you from dying in lava
    • If you fall, the water bucket will help you survive (If you are quick enough)
    • The iron picks are extremely cheap to make, and allow you to make maximum profit off of your trip
    • Silk Touch Picks will help move your enderchest and grab some diamonds ores if you want
    • Torches are kind of necessary (Unless you plan on mining blind, go for it buddy)
    This is my list that helps me a ton when I mine. If you have a special set-up you use, I'd love to see it.
  2. Love the title xD
    Great idea, shame I can't come >.<
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  3. I'll save some diamonds for ya.
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  4. can I get some? I dont have enough money to get any of the tools
  5. I can supply a few things. What SMP?
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  7. 2
  8. THERE MINE! I have to make Krysyy a necklace out of them.
  9. I can't get the stuff tho >.<. I can get everything but the ench. stuff.
  10. Are you online right now Demon?
  11. Ocelot, I know a great place to get cheap Eff 5/Unb 3 diamond picks.
  12. Can't come on right now but I can do donate 10K to pay for any gear :3

  13. Should cover the cost of a few things.
  14. Where?
  15. I'll PM you, I have to make sure it is still there.
  16. Ah, it is sold out.
  17. My list lol:

    E5U3S1 Pick (x2)
    Iron Blocks
    Ender Chest

    I dont think I left anything out ;) I like insta-mining muahaha!