As somebody with OCD, I like seeing this :)

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  1. home.PNG
    Just my stats, equal likes and posts and my rupee balance ending off with 3 wholesome 0's.
    That is all :)

    *First Digits blocked for privacy* :)
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  2. I though everyone playing minecaft had OCD...... But congratulations!
  3. I bet the 3 first digits are 142 \o3o/ !
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  4. Stahp it with your \o3o/
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  5. I wish!
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  6. Almost correct. Playing Minecraft actually gives one OCD.
  7. haha no, never
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  8. I'd have to agree with this... Although I already had OCD, it has worsened sinc playing Minecraft.
  9. Minecraft
    The cause of OCD in millions since 2009
  10. Really now?
  11. I would like to disagree:
    I have played MC for a long time... since 0.9, if I remember right, and I am completely OCD free
  12. Ever made that house with an even number of blocks and put a door in?
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  13. FINALLY I am not the oonly one :D
  14. You ever have that time where felt compelled to do something due to an insane fearful obsession, and gave in because it made you anxious and stressed trying not to?
    These kind of posts are my pet peeve.
  15. I have OCD and have had it long before I started Minecraft. Lots of people have the obsessive compulsion to have things even or symmetrical. I have that, and also what I call "touch OCD" which is when I have to touch an object X amount of times before something happens, or bad things will occur. Sounds weird but it's true. :p
  16. Obsessive Compulsion Disorder.
    Read SparerToaster's post :)