As 2 has two distinct factors [(1+i) and (1-i)], can it really be specified as a prime?

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  1. Seriously, though, I have not used a server like Empire before, and am seriously impressed by the amount of work that has gone into the creation of the new server (smp2) and the (hopefully) successful integration of Beta and the new version (can't remember offhand what it is designated).
    One thing that does concern me at the moment anyway , and if anyone can let me know how to get it, I'd be most grateful, is the lack of availability of water in the towns. I have tried bringing in buckets from Wasteland but the water disappears during transit to town. Would snow blocks be a suitable method?
  2. The water disappears from your bucket when you take the portal to Town? This is interesting and would be a bug. I will take a look when I get on this evening :)
  3. Many thanks

    PS - I have now realised that I did not leave the spawn area, so I presume no bug , sorry :rolleyes:
  4. Have you by any chance taken the water INSIDE the protected spawn area? If you take water inside protected areas, the graphics show that you have a water bucket but when you actually get back home, type /spawn or /home,
    or enter into another map ( wasteland, wilderness, utopia, nether) the water disappears cause it updated the water to have been taken from the protected areas. Therefore your water in the bucket disappears. It happened to me twice when i just joined. And you are a new member so i wouldn't blame you for that mistake. You must travel OUTSIDE of the protected spawn to get the water

    Edit: Thats why its called Protected areas XD. When you leave the protected areas, a message,"Leaving protected spawn area" will appear ( or something that says you have left the protected spawn area) Alright? If you took the water outside the protected spawn area and it disappeared then I can't help you. If i see you online on the server, I'll try to give you a water bucket.

    Edit2: Actually it seems that if you take water outside protected spawn it will disappear.

    Edit3: Oh its just server lag sorry for the false alarm :)
  5. Thanks - I shall try again :)
  6. Success :), thanks again - I didn't realise the spawn area extended so far - I assumed it was just the building.
  7. Wow I did not know this about the water buckets. Perhaps I should see if I can change so you can fill water bucks inside the protected zone (but it doesn't leave "water holes").
  8. I'm not sure that this is really necessary. While it would be convenient if people could get water in town without it affecting the water they take from, it's super simple to go get water from the other worlds... once you realize that you need to take it from outside the spawn zone.

    And since it's also possible to make an infinite water supply on your lot, you only need to go get water once (two buckets full) to have all the water they can ever want.
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  9. Maybe he doesn't have a lot on the server? But he could always go the other one to get a res

    It takes about 10 seconds to get out of the protected zones if you sprint, so yea...

    Actually its kinda just a graphics bug. If you ( Justin ) can fix it that would be great! I don't want random people posting on the forums asking this question.
  10. Flyingarticles, don't be rude. ZBSDKryten is not a random person any more than you are, and this is a public forum. What you like and dislike is not something you can impose on other people here.
  11. Did I say anything about Kryten being a random person? Here you are again assuming things that are not true.
    By random person, i mean noobs ( by noobs, i mean new people if you are so good at criticizing me) that don't know about the protected spawn area thingy. And its kinda annoying to see the recent posts about things that could be found on the forums IF YOU KNOW WUT I MEAN
  12. Relax.

    If you have to use slang, use the proper terms. "Newb" refers to a person who is new to something. "Noob" has negative connotations and refers to someone who is inept at something.

    I don't appreciate the use of the term "noob".
  13. Ok ill call them newbienoobs now

    Kryten I like ur prof pic.
  14. As an old contemporary (William Shakespeare) might have said "Much Ado About Nothing" ;)
  15. ? :confused: