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  1. Hey everybody.

    Most of you that have been here for a long time already know me. Likely, you know me as IcecreamCow...even older members might also remember GameKribJEREMY. For those that have joined during the new leadership, here's a quick history. I'm one of the original founders of EMC. I was active from the planning days up until about 3 months ago. While I've moved on to other projects, I still like talking and playing other games with the community I grew with over them past 3 years (Hey, I guess that means I've recently passed 1,000 days). This post is more or less of an update of my online persona, moving forward. Like I did with GameKribJEREMY a few years ago, I shall be retiring my IcecreamCow name as well.

    I wanted to use a name from now on that was more, general to me overall, rather than an animal that got oddly popular and inspired a lot of other Icecream related animals. The new name is: "GloriousKoch" (Koch is my last name) and the name is meant to be silly, not cocky, haha. Big thanks to OrigamiJoe for creating my new Minecraft skin to look like me. He did a bad ass job. Below are the most 'active' things I will use to play games, or organize playing games with others. Feel free to add me on the ones you play too, and send me a message with who you are and what you like to play as well. :D

    Also, if you're interested in any questions you'd like to know about me, either as a person or in gaming, feel free to ask away. :)

  2. Intresting name choice xD

    Do you play skyrim/fallout?
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  3. Glad to see a new name Mr. Koch. The skin looks great :)
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  4. Glad to see you back, Jeremy! :)
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  5. I have Skyrim. Got it for free from a friend like two years ago on Xbox as a digital code. I haven't played it yet. I will though, no doubt. I LOVE the Fallout games. Can't wait for the next one.
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  6. :oops:... So I guess that means no IcC head/signature.. I have also been wondering for a while.. Is Koch pronounced the logical way it would seem to or is it a "dirty" last name..? :p
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  7. Depends on who you ask. Throughout Junior High / High School, it was definitely the 'dirty' way, lol.
  8. Welcome back, Jeremy :)
    I wonder if you know that "Koch" is the German word for "cook" So it's kinda funny for me as I read GloriousCook :) Now I want you to cook me a glorious dinner :D
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  9. Welcome to the Empire GloriousKoch!

    This random part of a Marie Curie quote popped in my head, so after I searched for the full context I decided to put it here:
    “Certain bodies... become luminous when heated. Their luminosity disappears after some time, but the capacity of becoming luminous afresh through heat is restored to them by the action of a spark, and also by the action of radium.” ― Marie Curie

    Glad to see you found your spark!
  10. Ha! He-ey! *offers high five*
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  11. Thanks for the "Welcome Backs", haha. Though, I never really, 'left'. It's just a name change is all. I'll still be a forum lurker from time to time to throw input in where I can. Any actual 'in game' time, though, has to be spent on other projects...though even those are more organizing stuff, than actual playing these days.
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  12. Welcome back :D
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  13. As a Minnesotan, what keeps popping into my head when I see your new name is this.

  14. I did not have an affair with that woman. - Bill Kochton
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  15. Hey man! ;)
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  16. lol welcome back :D
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  17. Thanks. I tried doing my own avatar...and spent like infinite hours on the hat, which kept failing. Joe's like, I can do it for you. 1 day later: Perfect Avatar.
  18. I was trying to rebuild you i only need the icc head.... lol
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  19. Cool new account :)
    Hows the ISMOOCH residence workin for ya so far?