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Discussion in 'Artists' Gallery' started by AliceTheBab, May 3, 2014.

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    Alternate Version here
    (I'm not against Kryssy or IcC btw, they're both great people)

    Similar to the other art I did like this, I like how it turned out. Testing the 'glitch' effect as well
    Edit: Feedback appreciated like always!
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  2. I like overlaying gradients :3 Maybe try colouring in some areas completely and see how that looks? Like hair and shoes
  3. I'll do that now on the alternate version :p Might be interesting
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    I like how IcC turned out but I don't really like how Kryssy turned out.... I think I might've rubbed out too much on her...?
  5. Yeah I like how you coloured in the little details :D It makes the drawing a bit more alive. And Krysyy's hair doesn't bother me but you can always lighten it up with black again? :p
  6. You should try doing this in real life. It's painstaking.. but the finished project is worth it. With a crayon or a wax color pencil (important that it is wax) make the gradient or background you wish. then.. find some liquid ink... (tougher than it sounds sometimes) then with a brush cover the original gradient with ink. Sounds easy.. but crazy tough.. because ink can not soak into wax... so it may take a couple of coats and then let it dry on a completely flat surface.

    Once you have done that, you will have a completely black piece of paper. Then take a needle.. and scrape the image out you would like. The cool effect is you have this COMPLETELY black and void layer, with a true background coming through the scrapes.

    It basically creates the same effect you used here.. and looks amazing. One of my favorite art practices.
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