[Art] Game of Life

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  1. OC: Ellie the Hybrid

    Drawn to:

    Might be some more drawings this week, but I might just do them in an Art Dump so I don't spam xD

    Hoping to get a little bit of What If the EMC Staff done soon as well, but my motivation is super low for that and it has been for a while....
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  2. *clap*
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  3. Every now and then I decide "I should try to draw something amazing." I walk over to a table, grab a pencil and paper, and I stare. 10 seconds later I give up and walk away. I am no artist but you are really good. I like the cartoonish style.
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  4. You have to catch those times with yourself where you have an idea in mind, when you know what to draw. Whether it be when listening to a song or watching a movie. You have to draw when you know what you want it to look like, but if what you do doesn't look how you want it to look then try again, slowly improve!
    Thanks for the compliment by the way, it means a lot c:
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  5. I like it, especially the bar code on her forehead. :p
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  6. Thanks :p
    I like her barcode as well, just adds a nice little touch to her design n.n
  7. is now agent 47