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  1. who thinks we should be able to pick up the arrows that skeletons shoot at us?
  2. I think this is a Mojang thing. Nothing EMC can do about it. It's the same way in Single Player.
  3. Yeahhhhh..... NO. Arrows would become too easy to obtain, and if we had the right bow, we could easily kill everything if we had that many arrows.
  4. no I'm saying we should be allowed by mojang
  5. truee
  6. well how about if skeletons just dropped more when we killed them?
  7. Use looting 3 sword if u want more
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  8. Use a looting III sword.
    Use an Infinity bow.
    I suggest you write to Mojang then :/ You can do that by going to and getting their email.
  9. That would be wrong. Lets say I have 200 skellies in my spawner mob trap. I move with in firing range and they all fire at me. So there are now 100+ arrows stuck in the ground. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  10. good idea
  11. that's an enchantment?
  12. wow there are a lot of bad reasons too
  13. You realise you could have just put all of these in one post?
  14. No or else if mojang enabled , we would have arrow farms on here
  15. ^
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  16. nope i didn't know
  17. nope
  18. Lets say I have a redstone contraption. It pushes me around every 3 seconds. I have a skeleton farm in front of me. I go afk, the skeletons shoot and miss me, I get infinite arrows. I could also just use projectile protection armor.