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  1. So i just encountered this thread when looking through the old messages :
    I feel like this would have been awesome, but i wan't around to witness it. Did anyone experience this and know what happened to it?
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  2. From what zanderboy tells me, it was very fun, but was slightly under used. That and it just did not match what EMC was back then. I personally hope that they come back with this again, but at the same time I doubt they will because of Dystopia.
  3. It was insanely fun!!!
    Unfortunately it was underused so it got taken down :(
    I really wanted to become a supporter then JUST so I could build an Arena, but I didn't have the finances. but I hear talk of them reemerging soon...:rolleyes:
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  4. I would be a supporter if I could build an arena, but would it be in creative?
  5. I would assume so because one of the old arenas was made of ONLY gold and diamond blocks.
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  6. all i have done today is build an arena on my tekkit server, lots of fun :D
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  7. These arenas looked cool >_>
    We should bring them back :D