Are you homeless in SMP1?

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  1. Then I have a good solution for you. Over the last 2 days I have bought countless cobblestone and worked my ass off to redesign my residence into what I'm calling "Castle Plaza". If you'd like to stay on SMP1 but you don't have a residence of your own, fear not, because I will be both selling and renting rooms out to players! :)

    Costs will depend on what room you choose. Players will receive build, use and destroy commands to allow them to remodel their room as they wish, but abuse of these privileges will result in lodgers being ejected with no refund! There are currently 7 rooms but I will be expanding more once I have the finances.

    You're interested then send me a message here on the site and we can talk. A guided tour of the available rooms will be available before purchase.

    There are rules though...
    • Thieves will not be tolerated. I will personally check chests from time to time to ensure that nobody has "acquired" new items from someone.
    • Anybody seen to abuse their flag rights will have them removed, and depending on the level of abuse may be ejected. Any property left will be sold/distributed among other lodgers.
    • Money will be paid before entering the Plaza, and users renting will be ejected if the rent is late by over 24 hours.
    So send me a message if you're interested and I'll get back to you asap! Thanks guys, hope you will stay and enjoy the lovely surroundings :)
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  2. Is it 5 star? lol
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  3. It's pretty good in my opinion but I'm a little biased :p If you want I can show you around sometime?
  4. Best of luck during this economic turmoil ;) - but I've emigrated to the promised land in smp2
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  5. I'll be reasonable with the prices, don't worry :p Times aren't that bad, 700 rupees day for me ;)
  6. Hmm. I looked around it and it seems good. But I need a hotel one Smp2 since they haven't made multi residence yet.
  7. shouldn't have been able to get in actually, that's worrying. I shall be changing flags. Would you like a room or not? :)
  8. Just a little update, we now have 3 residents! All have bought their rooms and they all seem to be happy :) Again, message me if you're interested and we can try and sort something out :)
  9. The hotel is realy nice, i go there to relax.