Are you an immigrant? / I need help with my exam topic

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  1. Hello, i need some help for my outline topic to my english exam for next week.

    If you are an immigrant (or not) i will appreciate some help
    by answering some of my questions.

    1. Advantage or a disadvantage of having a ethnical background ?
    2. Have you being exposed for prejudice?
    3. Do you see yourself as integrated in your country?
    4. Is it difficult to keep your identitty when you live in a foreign country?


    1. What do you think about immigrants?
    2. Do you think its a scandal having immigrants in your country?

    (Can't think about more questions)

    PS. I'm an immigrant in Denmark, so this is not for harassment.
    I needed source to my outline so i chose to ask for some help here.
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  2. For an essay ?
  3. No, for my Outline to exams, Topic identitty my topic immigrants :p
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  4. I'm an American, and I live in Japan. My wife (Japanese) has lived in the U.S. Maybe we could help you out.
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  5. I am married to a Honduran woman and my background is of Hispanic and German descent. Although I have the features of a caucasion, I feel more in tune with the Hispanic plight here in America.
    It is a gross atrocity that we are criminalizing honest immigrants (illegal or legal) for wanting to make a better life for themselves. These people would not cross the border illegally if we made it easier for them to emmigrate.
    We esentially bar honest men, women and their children from living better lives by marking them as criminals but yet the actual criminals who sneak across the border multiple times a day just to sell drugs or commit violent crimes are not stopped. They can access the money and persons necessary to cross the border with ease.

    I am struggling with the immigration process for my wife because of the steep costs associated with the entire process.
    I want to be with my loved ones but because I am not willing to put my wife at risk of harm to come to the country with fewer hoops and red tape, I must suffer and continually hear stories of scum bags making big money and hurting innocent lives.

    I am completely against the proposed Immigration Reform policies. The proper action would be to permit honest men and women to apply for freedoms of the U.S. by way of non-financial burden. Your net worth should not deem you a worthy citizen, for if that is the case, we must trade out many of our lazy government assistance dependent criminals for honest hard working immigrants who want to be here to work.

    I can go on for ages... Please, if you want more information, send me questions. I will try to answer them. I am a little disjointed at the moment trying to balance and express my opinion so far on the whole thing.. :)
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  6. Thank you very much, i really appreciated that, this will be handy for tomorrow (last day to finish it)

    Honestly i thought nobody will respond but you did. Thanks alot. And i wish you and your wife good luck and a long marriage :)
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  7. Thanks and good luck on your paper. :)
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  8. If you and your wife could answer the questions in the thread ill be very glad. :)
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  9. Ill come back and read it again once you are done :D
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  10. gonna delete the post. I plugged it into a conversation for you though, you should see it in your inbox. Don't want too much about me on the threads. Hope it helps with your paper.
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  11. Thank you very much, there was ALOT of text. Sadly i won't be able to go through all of that because i only got 10-15mins while i'm up to exams. Thanks for you time, i wish you and your wife a great day. :)

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  12. don't have to go through all of it. Take what you can use. Just trying to feed you some ideas. :)
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  13. Do you mind if my teacher read this aswell?. He has to confirm where i got this from (Source)
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  14. that's fine.
  15. Thanks :)
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  16. It is odd in the respect that I was thinking about immigration on my way home from work this morning (08:30AM).

    I had stopped to get gas. There were about 15 Mexicans in line buying various snacks a drinks while filling up their lawn equipment. They had already been working as they were covered in grass clippings. A few nights ago I made a beer run at about 10 at night. Again there they were buy the same items.

    My point is these guys are working 12-13 hours a day every day. They have great work ethic and they get a bad wrap. However, I don't feel anyone should be able to border jump without our knowing about it. I welcome anyone that wants to make a better life for themselves.
  17. EMC...we'll provide you with an awesome Minecraft experience...and homework. :p
  18. I wish everybody was like you. Some people judges without knowing that they maybe fled from war, studying, trying to feed there family ect. This is first time i actually feel like " yay i'm going to have exams with a interesting topic "

    Peace 'n' harmony
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  19. I'd like to see your conclusion.